You may either pay for your booking via EFT or credit card (certain cheque/debit cards are accepted). You would need to request a quote from an establishment listed with us to pay via EFT. There are establishments listed with us that only have a Book Now option and this means that you would be required to pay using a card. Should you not wish to pay using a card we would advise that you search for an alternative establishment in the area you wish to stay that allows you to request a quote.

Once you have received a quote from an Establishment you will have the option to pay via EFT, credit card (certain cheque/debit cards) or a direct cash deposit at one of our four Financial Institutions.

In order to choose your payment method you will be required to click on one of the following options below, which will appear on your quote:

Once you have clicked on one of the above options you will be directed to a new page either allowing you to pay via credit card or via EFT where you will be supplied with a link taking you directly to your Internet Banking home page. You will also find the banking details on this page in the event you wish to do a direct cash deposit.

At this stage the banking details will have been emailed to you. If you opt to transfer into the account that corresponds with your own banking institution, payment should clear almost immediately.

Please remember to use the enquiry number of the quote you have chosen when paying via EFT or a direct cash deposit at the bank.